The End

Check out mom’s and dad’s tails.

All 5 of the puppies tails are a little different from each other.  Mom Summer’s is very curly, dad Ricky’s is not.  Here are the puppies tails.  Can you guess who’s is who’s?  Answers at end of post.

1. Who am I?  I’m one of the girls.
2. Who am I? I’m a boy.
3. Who am I? I’m a girl too.
4. Who am I? I’m a boy.
5. And who might I be? I’m a teeny girl.

This has been an amazing experience for me.  I have learned so much and have had a tremendously good time.  It is a job not for the faint of heart.  It is messy, can be very sad and certainly is stressful in the beginning and is not without risk to puppies and/or mom dog.  It is a full time job and expensive.  (If one is to do it right that is…)  It is also helpful to have a partner that is supportive and willing to not be afraid to get their hands dirty/poopy… literally.  All the pups are in their (new) homes except Colin/RedMan. Until the day we find his forever home he will be with us getting all the training that is so much fun and so important.  Puppies are now 12 weeks old.

Sparkle and Colin playing in the pool of plastic bottles in Puppy Playland Pool and Spa.
Here is the most handsome Colin.

I will continue to periodically update my puppy blog as they grow and mature and their training progresses.  I invite you to sign up to “follow” for email notices when I post so that you don’t miss these growing puppies.  But for now my job and blog of my puppy rearing is complete.  I hope you have enjoyed the journey as much as I have and perhaps you learned a bit along the way. Puppy breath is now gone.  Have I said  I can’t keep my hands off of these pups??

  1. Ava  2. Riley  3. Colin  4. Sparkle  5. Pinky

Beautiful Puppies

Ava and Riley are doing well in their new homes.  It is so cool to see these pups with their new people and to hear about them as they grow.  Ava lives in Portland and Riley lives in Maple Valley.

IMG_2201 This is Ava (formerly GreenGirl). Her registered name is Saneval Emerald of Summer. Such a beautiful name for a beautiful  girl.
Downloaded from Maries Phone Aug 5 2015 1365
This is Riley (formerly BlueBoy). His registered name is Saneval Summertime Flyboy. What a great name for a handsome agility boy.

Downloaded from Maries Phone Aug 5 2015 1334

To sum up this breeding between Summer and Ricky I must say that I am extremely happy with the results.  These pups are even tempered, calm and thoughtful.  They have beautiful heads, dark, almond shaped eyes, pretty feet with well arched toes,  thick foot pads, and very nice structure overall. Their tails all have a curl in them.  They range from really curly like their mother to more straight like their father.

Puppy Love

The pups are now 10+ weeks old.  Pinky is growing and starting to catch up to her sister, Sparkle.  RedMan is still the largest of the 3 pups.  It is so interesting to watch how they learn, who learns what first and who takes a few more lessons before they get it…  But they all get it eventually.

RedMan is such a smart, calm puppy, Sparkle is a little “schtinker” always on the move and Pinky is Pinky, a very happy little puppy.

Summer is having a fun time playing with her puppies!  The weather has been perfect for the pups to hang outside, exploring, and playing and playing and playing.  Summer will go outside and play with the puppies, then when she needs a break she will stand at the door waiting to come in to the cool house.  The pups have learned too that the house is much cooler so on the really hot days they come in to take their naps in the house.  I did catch Summer digging a hole for her and the pups to lay in… it’s what dogs (wolves, coyotes) do to stay cool- digging down into the earth in the shade under a bush.  Despite the pools (2) and mister and hose sprayer to keep cool instinct tells them what they need to do.  An afternoon nap in the cool earth “den” under a bush is pretty appealing to a “hotdog”.

Dogs sweat from their foot pads and can tell what is too hot or too cool by walking on any surface.  They will cool themselves down by stepping into a pool of water.  If a dog is overheated you can put cold water on their feet (and belly) to help cool them.

We are still “drinking in” puppy breath.  It will not be there too much longer.  The pups are getting into a independent stage and will wander off by themselves, although they don’t want to be alone and will keep an eye on the rest of the pack running back if the “pack” moves to another place.  They are taking care of “business” outside and are little angels in their crates at night.

Pinky. Her registered name is Saneval Tickled Pink!
RedMan, So handsome!
RedMan to the left and Sparkle on the right.
RedMan lying down, Sparkle behind him and Pinky on the right. See the color differences in their noses? RedMan is black, Sparkle and Pinky are “blue”.
They never tire of a rousing game of “pounce”! That is RedMan on his back and the girls are doing the pouncing.
RedMan lying down, Sparkle in the middle and Pinky on the right.

DSCN2354 DSCN2369

Sitting Pretty and Other “Tricks”

Teaching a puppy tricks is more than “parlor tricks”.  It teaches them body control, self control, helps develop coordination, helps develop muscle, builds strength and so much more.  We are now working on basic puppy skills.  Recalls, learning their names, asking for things by automatic sitting (manding), waiting at the door, gate, etc.  Puppies minds are sponges and it is amazing that they will pick up these behaviors with very, very few repetitions.  Perhaps 2 or 3 reps depending on the difficulty, sometimes just one is all it takes to get these pups to learn a skill.

Summer teaching her daughter, Sparkle, how to “sit pretty”.
Mom waiting for her turn with the chewy.
Can you find Pinky?
Redman learning to be relaxed and trust me.
Redman looking so handsome.

A Really Big Day

Thursday was a really big day for the pups!  We had a 2 hour drive to the pool in Auburn and the puppies did GREAT for the long drive.  They watched out the window for a while then all laid down and slept.  On the drive home they even played with each other for a bit before they “crashed” from all the fun.  But It was another day of a tears for Ron and myself as RileyMan went to his new home after the swim.  He is now living in Maple Valley with the most awesome people.  He has a great (extended) family which includes his new people, their children and grandchildren.  What a lucky guy!  All those people, big and small, to run and play with. He is going to be an agility dog and has 2 poodle buddies to play with.

What a great time at the pool we had.  Beth did a wonderful job of directing all of us as to what to do with these little pups.  It is a critical time for these puppies balancing new experiences with the fearful time period.  Everybody did well except little PurpleGirl who is now called Sparkle.  She wasn’t at all happy about this swimming thing but since she is staying with us I know what to do to make her comfortable and enjoy swimming.

We had all hands on deck, literally, to hold and comfort these pups while they swam.  What a fun thing it is to see a baby dog swim!

Puppies are 9 weeks and 3 days old today and I still can’t keep my hands off (the 3) of them.

This is Beth, our swim instructor.

Riley and Marie, drying off then heading home!


Going Home

Ava, formerly GreenGirl or Dozer, with her new “mom” at her new home.

It was an exciting day although not without  a few tears on our part.  It is time for the puppies to go to their new homes. Ava is the first puppy to go home.  She is a lucky puppy; her new people are wonderful.

I was curious to see if Summer would know that one of her pups was missing.  When she was a new mother with tiny puppies it seemed that  she would “count” them when one of the other girls stepped in the room and out again.  Summer would run to the pen and stand over her babies as if she was counting.

She will still allow them to nurse but will cry as they suckle… with (shark) teeth.  I have tried to keep her from her pups to get her milk to dry up but she insists that I let her in (or out) to be with them.  She will stay only for a few minutes.  When she nursed them tonight she showed no sign that one might be missing but then again she is a DOG and they are so stoic about most things!

The puppies got to go for another car ride to the vet this morning.  With a bunch of new treats it seems it was a good experience for them.

I switched the puppies around again, separating them- 2 indoors and 2 outdoors. I am watching to see if they notice something is amiss.

So Much New

Guess which crate is Pinky’s?

The pups slept very well in their individual crates!  Not the little screamin’ devils I was expecting.  I will rotate them so they all  get experience in a wire, hard and soft crate. The soft crate has a zipper, each latch is different and each crate smells and sounds different.  So many new things for these babes to experience.


Introducing Jimmy Kat.

The puppies all got to meet  Jimmy Kat today.  Jimmy has been such a great cat with our poodles.  He adopted us in 2001 and has been a buddy to Megan, Ellie, Nova and Summer.  Now the puppies got to meet this great feline whisker to whisker today.

They got to be in a real x-pen that moved and rattled.
Hosing the deck down didn’t faze these tired puppies! A tired puppy is a happy puppy!

I expanded their outside space, now including the stairs.  They could do stairs early on but the bottom was concrete so it was a concern.  Now they are up and down the stairs all day.  Stairs from the deck to the patio, from the patio to the yard, from the top level of the yard to the lower level.  Lots of stairs!  They are really good at stairs.  And the clever little pups found an easier route than the stairs…the dirt beside the stairs.